Adding New RSS Feeds in SmarterMail

Websites publish lists of updates, called "feeds," that indicate when new content has been posted. When you add a new feed to SmarterMail (also called subscribing to a feed), SmarterMail starts monitoring that feed for updates. New content posted to your feeds will appear in the RSS feeds section of your mailbox, allowing you to keep up with your favorites wesites without having to visit each one individually.


To subscribe to a new RSS feed, follow the steps listed below:


1. Log in to SmarterMail.

2. Click the RSS Feeds icon.


3. Click New in the content pane toolbar. Adding a feed requires two pieces of information:


Name - A friendly name for the RSS feed. Typically, you'll want to make this a short name so you can easily find it. You can use a backslash character to make the feed appear in a subdirectory, such as in News\Fox News or Technology\Microsoft Updates.


URL - The URL for the website's RSS feed. Note: The RSS feed URL is not the same as the website URL. For example, the Sathya Technosoft News can be found at, but the RSS feed for the news is at


4. Click Save.