How to check SmarterMail Disk Space Usage in Webmail

Individual email users can see their email storage usage in the webmail interface. Here are instructions on how to view your disk space usage:
1. Log in to SmarterMail webmail at:
Upon logging in to SmarterMail for the first time, the My Today Page will load. This page provides is divided into five sections and gives users an at-a-glance view of their account. Note: Although the My Today Page is the default page upon login, users can configure SmarterMail to load their inbox upon login instead. For more information, please refer to Account Settings.
  • Calendar - Lists upcoming meetings and events, by day and time, for the current week.
  • Unread Messages - Lists the number of unread messages in your inbox and in your drafts and junk e-mail folders. Seeing the number of items in your junk e-mail folders can help with any potential disk space issues. For example, if you are closing in on a disk space limit and have a lot of messages in your junk e-mail folder, clearing out those messages may recover some disk space for your mailbox.
  • Disk Space Limits - Lists the amount of available disk space and the amount of space currently being used. These are set by the domain administrator. Therefore, if you notice that you are nearing a limit, contact your domain administrator for more information on how to recover some disk space.
  • Tasks - Lists any unfinished tasks you may have. See the Tasks overview for more information.
  • Latest RSS Items - Lists the most recent updates to the RSS feeds to which you are subscribed.