How to add drivers and assign them to object in Smarterping?

Object drivers section allows to add drivers and assign them to object. Drivers section purpose is to identify and collect information about person who was using object. Driver information can be seen in object details panel (note: object details panel only appears if Objects, Events or History tab is selected in left panel.). Driver name is available in reports.
Object drivers can be configured to get information about object driver changes. Example: if driver John is using vehicle and after some time he is changed by another driver who's name is Tom, these changes can be sent to system (GPS device must be configured with iButton or RFID device).
To add drivers in Smarterping, follow the steps listed below:

1. Sign in to your Smarterping account.

2. Click on Settings in the top left menu icon.


3. On the Settings window, click on Objects tab.

4. In Object driver list tab left bottom corner press + button.


5. Object driver properties window will appears, enter driver name, other fields are not mandatory.

  Name - driver name that will be visible in reports.

  iButton/RFID - enter iButton or RFID unique ID number for driver identification.

  ID number - enter ID number to identify the driver.

  Address, Phone, E-mail, Description - fill additional fields if necessary.


6. Click Save button.