Enable SmarterMail's Chat Feature

SmarterMail's chat feature allows users on the domain to chat with each another, instantly and securely, right within the webmail interface or by using most third-party chat clients that support the XMPP (Jabber) protocol. There's no doubt email is a great communications mechanism, but there are times when real-time communication is crucial. In addition, you may need to ensure port 5222 is open for chat to function.


We have this Chat feature enabled by default. If you do not find it from the top banner of your smartermail interface, please follow the steps below to enable it first for a specific user and re-login to have a try.


1. Log in to SmarterMail as the domain administrator.

2. Click the Settings icon.

3. Expand the Domain Settings folder and click Users in the navigation pane. A list of users on 

    the domain will load in the content pane.

4. Select the desired user and click Edit in the content pane toolbar. The user settings will load in 

    the content pane.

5. Click the Service Access tab.

6. Select the Enable XMPP access checkbox.

7. When you are done, click Save button at the top of the "Users" window to save your changes.

8. Login to the corresponding email account, click Chat icon on the left navigation to start using it.