How to start using my mobile device as GPS device with Smarterping-tracker application?

How to start using my mobile device as GPS device with Smarterping-tracker application?

Your Android device can be transformed into GPS tracker with Smarterping-tracker application which can be downloaded from here. This method requires that you have: either cellular or internet service on your Android phone to use the browser, and the SD card mounted (inserted) in the phone. 


Steps to start using my mobile device as GPS device:


▪ Download Smarterping-tracker application from here.

▪ Install and start application on your device.

▪ In application menu:

     Find "IMEI" number (Device identifier) of your device. Note: Don't make any changes in the entry.

     Select Server address and make sure that the Server address is set to and then click OK.

     Select Server port and confirm the Server port is set to 5005 and then click OK.

     Select Frequency and set it as 10 and then click OK.

     Select Location provider and select the option Mixed provider.

     Enable both Extended format and Service status in the Smarterping menu.

   ◦ Click on Status in the upper right-hand corner of the screen or press the menu button in your mobile device to avail the status menu.


       This should bring up log entries as similar as follows:

       6:37 AM - Service created

       6:37 AM - Connectivity change

       6:37 AM - Connection succeeded


▪ Create Smarterping server account. For more details, please click here.

▪ Add your device to your Smarterping account. Enter your device "Name" and "IMEI" number, For 

   more details, please click here.

▪ Make sure GPS and Internet connection is activated on device.

▪ Click Status in Smarterping-tracker application on your device.

▪ Wait for the device to get a satellite fix, this can take some time (and is best achieved outdoors with clear sky).

▪ After some minutes you will see location of your device.


Note: If you want better battery life, set the tracking interval to at least 60-120 seconds.