Features of Smarterping -Vehicle Tracking System



Smarterping - one of the leading vehicle tracking systems in India allows you to view the location of your fleet vehicles in real-time, 24 hours a day from anywhere. Our GPS vehicle tracking system also provides a list of your vehicles showing the status of each, which includes when a vehicle is started up and shut down, idling status, location and speed. Apart from this Smarterping, gives you real time alerts via instant alerts on the trucking fleet management software platform, email or SMS for all-important things like Over Speed, SOS, Geo Fencing etc.


Key features:


  Historical and Real Time Tracking


Our GPS Solution not only gives you real-time tracking capabilities, but also lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. This allows you to accurately develop trends, track long-term driver performance, and more.



  Alerts and Notifications


Smarterping auto sends alerts and messages when anything goes wrong or something happens which is worth bringing to notice. Your drivers, employees and/or VIPs will rest assured knowing they are safe and secure under your watch. At the press of a panic/SOS button, instant alerts in the form of SMS, immediately notify you, keeping you well-informed.



  Geofencing without Limits


Spatial fences allow you to confine objects to a prescribed geographic region. Alerts can be sent upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone as well as in the event of delayed vehicle or asset. An unlimited number of geofences can be assigned in our trucking fleet management software.



  Point of Interest


POI (Points of Interest) allow you to put markers at the locations that might be interesting or useful. You can also name the place, add short description, attach an image or even video to it.            



  History track review


Smarterping regularly records the history of all the vehicles. The history of your tracks can be put on the map with addition information, such as time/speed graph, stops, reports, etc. There is also possibility to generate group reports for your objects. Smarterping helps to replay or see all the historical activities of a particular vehicle or entire fleet. 





Our GPS Backend has a robust reporting framework providing access to a wealth of data for streamlined operations and critical information gathering including driver safety, vehicle utilization and more. The report can be generated in following formats: HTML (for viewing in browser) or XLS (for viewing and editing in Microsoft Excel).



  Data Security


Designed with tough security features built in, our GPS Platform ensures that your private fleet/vehicle/asset data is kept secure at all times.


  Identify Vehicle Misuse


With Smarter ping you can be rest assured that your car is being driven around safely by your chauffeur. You can also identify unauthorized trips made by the driver. With you tracking the vehicle on real time basis, your chauffeur had better drive carefully.


  Fuel Monitoring


Smarterping helps manage and record fuel level of vehicle, which in turn helps our clients to control expense on fuel/gas.



  Vehicle Maintenance


Smarterping provides fleet/vehicle owners with a state of art reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events.



  Sub Account


Smarterping is equipped with robust administrative features to helps our customers easily manage various features and information. The sub account feature allows splitting main account into smaller accounts with limited privileges, such as: assign only particular objects and zones.



  Additional tools


You can search for addresses from the search panel, enter point coordinates. Also you can use tools for calculating distances between places on the map and etc.



  Track vehicle from your smartphone and web



You can track vehicles, see historical information, receive alerts, manage users, see reports etc. all from anywhere, at any time, using your favourite Web browser with a smart phone or an iPad or tablet PC.