How to block an Email or Domain in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail comes equipped with a number of antispam features and functions that allow you to be as aggressive as you want when combatting spam. Initial antispam settings were configured during installation, but these settings can be modified at any time. Without having to add any third-party measures, SmarterMail's antispam features can rid mail servers of up to 95% of all spam just using the standard configuration when it's installed. However, if you are receiving spam mails into your inbox, kindly follow the steps to block unwanted e-mails.

How to Block an Email or Domain in SmarterMail?

For various reasons you may wish to have an email address, or even to have entire domains blocked from delivering emails to your inbox in SmarterMail.

1.    Login to your SmarterMail interface (webmail.[domain].com)
2.    On the left hand site, click Settings
3.    Expand the Filtering menu and click Content Filtering
4.    Click New to create a new rule
5.    Under From Address, check the From specific Address OR  From specific domains box 
       then click Next located near the top of the page.
6.    Insert the email or domain you wish to block into the text field, then click Next
7.    Name this rule using a descriptive name, and check the options you wish to apply for it.
8.    Click Save to apply the block.