Unknown error in CUTE SMS

In CUTE SMS, After we send the message, We check the sent item reports to know the status of the message that has been sent. And if we get an report as Unknown error it necessarily does not means that there is an error in the delivery of the message.
It could be any of the option mentioned below.
a.) The Message has reached the customer, But before we get a delivery report that the message has been reached, there could be some interruption in the network and as a result we will get a report as unknown error, In this case we don't have to worry as the message has already reached the customer.
b.) The message has been sent from the server to the service provider and if there is any interruption in the network  we will get Unknown error message. Here the message does not reach the customer, however the SMS count will be reverted back in two business days.
When you get an unknown error report kindly mail to support@sathyainfo.com or you can call us at +91 9952 300 300. We will figure out what kind of error it is and proceed accordingly. If the SMS has reached the customer we will inform you by replying to the email. If the SMS has not reached the customer we will revert the SMS balance count and inform you through email or phone.