How to reset the system password when it is forgotten/lost

Steps to reset the lost/forgotten password of a system

1.Your OS is Windows 7 Ultimate,and you forgot the system password.

2.Choose a system with Windows 7 Ultimate OS,which is working/active.

3. Select Control Panel from Start Menu

4. Goto Control Panel and select User Accounts.

5.Choose Create a pasword reset disk from user accounts.

7. Insert a pen drive

8. Working system password is claimed,provide it.

9.New password is also claimed,provide a new password.

  (*This new password is the password for the system whose password is lost)

10. Now,save the typed password in the pendrive which you inserted already.

11.It is saved in the note pad of the pendrive.

12.Click Finish.

13. Now Reset password disk is created.

14. Now unplug the pendrive from working system and plug into the system whose password is lost.

15. While logging into the system ,you could see the option to provide the new password against the reset  password .

16.Type the new password which you created in the working system.

17.This way the password lost is resumed.