How to detect and fix when online printing fails

The following steps helps to troubleshoot and resolve your online printing issues.

STEP : 1

1. Choose the Remote Desktop Connection from start menu


Press window key + R .Type Mstsc in the Run window ,click ok.

Redirects to Remote Desktop Connection

2. Click  option from Remote Desktop Connection

3.Select the tab Local Resources

4. Check if Printer is checked.

Go through 1 to 4 to ensure your printer is connected to Remote server .

STEP : 2

1.Choose Devices and Printers from Start Menu.

2.Check if  installed Printer name is displayed.

3. Selecting the printer ,right click for properties.

4.Choose the tab Hardware

5.Choose the printer and check device status.

6. The device is working properly.

Go through 1 to 6 to ensure your printer is installed and working properly.

STEP : 3

1.Check for the cables connecting to the printer is plugged properly.

2.Check if the printer is ON.

Go through 1 to 2 to ensure printer is plugged and ON.

If step 1 to step 3 does not help, get assistance with your printer service provider.