SAP Cloud Deployment Options

SAP Cloud Deployment Options

The deployment option for your software denotes the approach a vendor (SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited) uses to provide it on the cloud. Diverse licensing, software life cycle management and infrastructure offerings differentiate it. The following are the common deployment models for cloud-based software:

Hybrid cloud: This combines private and public applications to establish an IT landscape that guarantees the best balance between security and convenience.

Public cloud: Here, the resources are hosted at a vendor’s premises, then shared by multiple clients accessing them via the web.

Managed cloud: Here, resources are dedicated to a single client who accesses them via a VPN. The software vendor operates the infrastructure in his/her data center.

Private cloud: Here, resources are only dedicated to a specific client who owns the infrastructure. A third-party or the client owns and manages the infrastructure that is on his/her premises.