Dos and Don’ts for Content Templates


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Dos and Don’ts for Content Templates



Use promotional category for communications intended to send from numerical sender id only.

Same content template against multiple headers.

Transactional category to be used by banking enterprises only & for OTP messages during fund transfer; online payment; merchant txn only.

Header selection against irrelevant templates

Service – explicit category needs to link consent template as well, without which the template gets rejected.

Selecting “Transactional” category by non-banking enterprises.

Choose a relevant/recognizable name for templates.

No or invalid variable format in templates.

Use message type as “TEXT” for all general messages & “Unicode” for regional messages.

Using double spaces in templates (this can be pre-checked by verifying the template on notepad++ before template submission)

Variable {#var#} insertion to be required against values like date; amount; a/c no; OTP; names; etc.

Templates with less than 10 char or variable insertion alone as template using multiple templates (eg: Dear customer {#var#}{#var#}{#var#}.)

Always use notepad or notepad ++ to create a template, to avoid additional spaces and invalid characters.

Do not use external fonts or characters other than those that appear on the keyboard, prise, like the example mentioned explaining the brand name field.

Min fixed char required in templates is 10 char (applicable in pure OTP messages only)

Linking of consent templates for content template categories “promotional” & “service – explicit” is optional (not mandatory)

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