SMS Content Template Registration on DLT Platform

SMS Content Template Registration on DLT Platform

Dynamic Link Tracking (DLT) platforms are used for the registration and management of SMS content templates in compliance with regulations imposed by telecommunication authorities. These platforms are designed to ensure transparency, prevent spam, and maintain the integrity of messaging services. 

SMS Template Registration – As per TRAI Rules and Regulation, the Next step in DLT process is to register every SMS Content template in the DLT Portal.

SMS will be delivered only if the content Template is approved on the DLT Portal.

We at CuteSMS24 thought of simplifying the whole process for better understanding and faster completion of the process. Content template creation guidelines are designed to facilitate and secure your SMS delivery. 

If you have already registered in any of the Operators, then you can log in with the credentials and register the SMS Template (Content) in the portal.

If you are a new entity and registering for the first time, then learn more about DLT Registration.