Consent and Content Template in DLT

Consent and Content Template in DLT

As per the new TRAI rules, every SMS text and every Sender ID (Header) has to be submitted on the DLT SMS platform before sending Bulk SMS to the customers. After you have completed registration with any of the DLT operator platforms (Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, Videocon, MTNL, BSNL), you need to submit Sender ID, Content Template, Consent Template and get it approved on the DLT platform.

Note: It is compulsory to submit each SMS text and each Sender ID on the DLT portal before sending Bulk SMS in INDIA.

Steps for DLT registration

Step 1: Register your business on the DLT portal in any telecom platform (Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, Videocon, MTNL, BSNL).

Step 2: Add Sender ID (Header) on your registered DLT panel.

Step 3: Submit Content Template (actual message text) and Consent Template (permission taken from customers for promotional SMS )

Bulk SMS routes

In the latest TRAI regulations, new Bulk SMS routes have been introduced:

1. Transactional: Transactional route can only be used by Banks for sending OTP to their clients. Other Bank related messages such as amount debited/ credited, account status, etc. cannot be sent via Transactional route. This route can be used by all Banks including National/ Scheduled/ Private/ Government/ MNC.

Transactional route can be used only by Banks for just sending OTP SMS.

2. Service Implicit: Service Implicit route can be used by business and companies for sending important SMS related to products and service updates. Examples are website/app OTP, payment alerts, purchase details, order delivery, and all other informative messages.

3. Service Explicit: Service Explicit route can be used for sending marketing related SMS to the customers after receiving their permission. If a customer gives permission to receive promotional SMS, then the messages will come under the Service Explicit category.

4. Promotional: Promotional SMS includes the marketing related SMS which can be delivered only to the Non DND numbers. SMS sent to promote products and services will come under this category.

SMS related to marketing and advertising have to be sent from the Service Explicit or Promotional route. The difference between these 2 routes is that SMS from Promotional route will be delivered only to the Non DND numbers while SMS from Service Explicit route will be delivered to the DND numbers as well if the customers have given permission to receive promotional SMS.

Content and Consent Templates

Content Template Meaning: Content Template is the message text which you have to submit on the DLT portal. It is the actual text of your SMS that has to be approved by DLT before sending it to your customers.

Content Template has to be submitted for every single message you want to send to your customers in India.

Note: Content Template is mandatory for all type of SMS routes – Transactional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit and Promotional.

Consent Template Meaning: Consent Template is used for taking customer’s permission before sending them promotional SMS. In simple words, if a business wants to send promotional SMS to its customers, it has to first submit Consent Template on the DLT platform which can be mapped to promotional messages at the time of approving Content Templates.

If you are sending SMS only from the Service Implicit route, then you just need to submit Content Template on the DLT portal. But, if you are sending marketing related SMS, then at first you have to submit Consent Template (Promotional SMS permission) and after it is approved, you have to submit Content Template (actual SMS text).

Note: Consent Template is not required for Service Implicit route. It is mandatory for Service Explicit & Promotional route only.

Difference between Consent and Content Templates


Consent Template

Content Template


It is for receiving the customer's permission before sending promotional SMS

It is the message text that has to be submitted on the DLT platform


It is for Promotional and Service Explicit SMS routes

It is for every SMS route - Transactional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit, Promotional

Actual message text

Consent Template should not contain actual message text. It is just to take permission from customers

Content Template should contain the actual text that will be sent to the customer

Example Text

We would like to send messages regarding marketing offers from our website.

Dear user,

{#var#} is your OTP for Login.


Consent Template is mandatory for Promotional and Service Explicit SMS routes

Content Template is mandatory for all SMS routes

How to Map Consent Template with Content Template?

  1. Login to your portal. Here, we have explained the Consent and Content Registration.

As shown in the image below, select the Template tab in the menu bar. A dropdown list will be displayed. Click on the first option Consent Registration.

2. Next is the Template Content field. In this field, you just need to provide a general overview of the type of messages that will be sent by you. Three options are being displayed – Template Name, Brand Name and Template Content. Create a Template name and enter your brand name.

Note: Consent Template field should not contain the actual message text.

Examples of Template Content:

  • We would like to send messages regarding marketing offers to our customers.
  • We would send special offers, new product details and recommendations.
  • We need your consent to send you the best offers and updates.

As shown below, Consent Registration page will be displayed.

3. Enter the details and then click on the Submit button. The Consent Template will be submitted for approval.

Once the Consent Template gets approved, next you need to submit Content Template.

 4. Select Content Template Registration from the Template tab. The registration page will be displayed as shown in the image below.

5. Enter the details. Select the SMS route in the Type of Communication field, select SMS in Template Type, enter the Content Template Name, select the Header from the approved Header list and type the Template Content.

Mapping of Consent with Content template: As shown in the highlighted box, Consent ID field is being displayed. Here, we have selected the Consent ID that has been approved earlier. This is the process of mapping Consent Template with Content Template. You need to select your approved Consent Template ID at the time of registering Content Template.

After entering the details, click on the Submit button.

Now, the Consent Template is mapped with Content Template.

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