Access phpMyAdmin with an SSH client on Windows.


a. You will need to know your server's IP Address

b. Your Bitnami application's default password

c. The server has to be configured with a public key

d. You need to have access to the corresponding private key

1. To access phpMyadmin on Windows you need to create an SSH tunnel. Use an SSH client like PuTTy

2. Click the putty file and let's start to configure it.

    a. Enter the IP address of your server in the "Host name" and "Saved session" fields.

    b. Go to the "Connection -> SSH -> Auth" section.

    c. Add your private key file (.ppk) by browsing to the location in your computer.

    d. Go to the "Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels" section

    e. Enter 8888 as "Source Port". Enter localhost:80 as "Destination". Click "Add"

    f. Go to the "Connection -> Data" section and enter the username bitnami into the "Auto-login username" field

    g. Now, you have PuTTY configured. Go back to the "Session" section and click "Save" to save the configuration.

    h. Click "Open" to open an SSH session to the server which includes a secure SSH tunnel between the two

        specified ports.

3. Open a browser and type in the address

4. Enter the username "root" and your application password.

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