What is the point of archiving emails in SmarterMail

If you want to clean up your inbox without deleting your emails, you can archive the emails. When you archive an email, it gets moved from your inbox to a label called "Archive" and isn't deleted. If someone replies to a message you've archived, the message will come back to your inbox. This is a manual process. To archive email manually in SmarterMail, follow the steps provided below:
STEP 1: Create new folder in SmarterMail
1. Login to your SmarterMail account.
2. Select the Actions menu dropdown and then click on New Folder.
3. Select and enter a folder name: Archive
4. Click the Save button.
STEP 2: Moving messages from Inbox to Archive Folder
Moving messages between folders in SmarterMail is easy. You can either drag and drop messages from one folder to another or move them using the Actions menu.
1. To move messages using the Actions menu, first open the folder: “Inbox” containing the message(s) you want to move.
2. Select the desired message(s) by ticking the check box in front of each message
3. Click the Actions menu in the content pane toolbar. Click Move.
4. Select the name of the destination folder: “Archive”.
5. Click OK. The message(s) will automatically move into the folder you selected.