Types of Messages

Character Hexa - decimal encoded String

        In the API link the following characters are coded as


                     Hexa-decimal code












 Unicode messages:

  1. It must be numbers in the form of Unicode digits.
  2. It must not exceed 70 characters.
  3. For each character, the number of Unicode digit will be 4.

 For 70 characters, the number of Unicode digits will be (70*4)  = 280.

 Binary messages:

  1. The message should contain only valid 8 - bit data string.
  2. It must not exceed 140 characters (i.e one sms).
  3. Ring tones, pictures etc which exceed one sms can be sent in the form of concatenated sms.

 Receiver mobile number (to) :

  1. Enter the mobile number to whom you need to send message.
  2. It should not contain symbols ‘+’ or ‘0’.