Transactional SMS

As per the latest TRAI guidelines, now it is possible to send out messages through Transactional SMS to DND (Do not disturb) / NDNC registered customers. With Transactional SMS messages, one can send informative, generic, critical data or information.
All SMS content needs to be transactional and should not contain any promotional content on this SMS route. Hence all the SMS content are approved in advance with variables. You could only send out those pre-approved SMS templates by changing the variables from the SMS template.
SMS messages needs to be approved in the form of SMS templates when you use Transactional SMS Gateway. 
Let's take an example here for sending pre-approved Transactional SMS template message.
A school wants to send out attendance report to the parents. So, when school wants to send out the following message.
        Dear Parent, Your child's attendance for the month of July 2013 is 20 days.
From the above quoted message will be approved with variable from SMS Gateway Center as follows:
        Dear Parent, Your child's attendance for the month of xxxx xxxx is xx days.
So, while sending SMS you just need to change the variable which has xxxx and then send Transactional SMS to parents.