How to add bulk contacts to Cute SMS account manually

The Contact module in Cute SMS is where you can organize and save information about the people and organizations that you communicate with. Contacts can be as basic as a name and phone number.
This document teaches you how to add people to your Cute SMS contacts list. You can add someone by entering his/her name and mobile number in the corresponding fields. Adding contacts are flexible in Cute SMS - you’re free to organize contacts however you want. Cute SMS permits user to add single or multiple contacts either by preferring the Type: Simple or Multiple respectively.
Add bulk contacts to your account:
This section gives you the ability to add a lot of contacts for a specific group with just a few steps.
1. Login to your Cute SMS account page.
2. In the Contact section, click Add Contact.
3. On the Add Contact segment, choose the Type: Multiple.
4. Then fill up the appropriate fields (i.e Name and Mobile No).
If you'd like to add more than one value into the Name field, you can use ENTER key in your keyboard as the separator for these values (i.e one value per line). This works for Name field, and Mobile No field.
The first value of the Name field will matches with the first value of Mobile No field. Ensure that the number of names entered in the Name field is equal to number of mobile number entries in Mobile No field.
5. Check your desired Group Name (Ungrouped Contact is the default group).
6. Click Save to add multiple contacts.
7. You will see a confirmation message as follows: Number of contacts added n/n 
    (n refers to number of contacts added)