CCTV User Equipment Maintenance Guidelines

1.       Video recording coverage time of CCTV System depends upon size of the hard disk, and camera counts.  Refer the table given below.




COVERAGE TIME  (approx.)

500 GB



1 TB



2 TB




*The coverage time may vary due to mode and resolution of recording


2.       Equipments accompanied with CCTV system (i.e. DVR, camera, and power supply) must be active for 24/7, else functionality will be affected.


3.       Direct power connection of the CCTV System without a UPS is not recommended at all. Please note that UPS gives us uninterrupted power supply.


4.       Make sure you arrange with your Internet Service Provider to get at least 1 Mbps upload speed with consistent Internet connectivity to view your cameras remotely over the Internet or on your phone.


5.       Video recording status, Playback status and Log status has to be checked periodically under supervision of an expert to ensure the performance of CCTV system / to recognize the existence of issue in the system.


6.       Change of settings and configurations will affect the entire CCTV System, so it should not be changed by the customer without the knowledge of our technician.


7.       The Customer should not permit any third party to tamper with the security system without the written consent of SATHYA.


8.       The Customer should inform SATHYA in advance if there will be a change of broadband supplier or significant works taking place that may affect the installation.


9.       SATHYA shall give warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase of CCTV. All manufacturing defects and deficiencies will be handled, during the warranty period.


10.   Warranty doesn’t cover if –


§  Burning of device due to fire or over-voltage from the premises

§  Physical damage of the device by force

§  Short circuiting the device

§  Un-authorized opening of the CCTV System

§  Other damages


11.   Electrical requirements must be strictly belongs to the values specified in the given table:







12.   No alteration should be made by your company in the CCTV setup and equipment positioning. Should circumstances arise which call for modifications it will be done by mutual consent of the both the parties in writing.


13.   Positioning of camera location, and it’s coverage area to be checked on time of installation. We are not responsible for non coverage in out of focus area.


14.   It is your responsibility to keep all passwords safe, to ensure they are secure and to change passwords regularly. We are not responsible for any data losses or security compromises arising as a result of compromised passwords or as a result of You giving a third party access to your password.


15.   You are responsible for any and all actions arising out of the use of your DVR/account password.


16.   Hard Disk failures cannot be identified, if the warning sign in DVR settings are ignored/not addressed.


17.   Clean the camera using soft cloth. Cleaning interval depends upon the density of dust.


18.   Keep water away from camera.


19.   Don’t place unnecessary things on camera.


20.   Don’t use cobweb stick, broom to clean camera.


21.   Carefully read and understand the Installation Report and Project Completion Form.


22.   We are not responsible for occurrence of issues in CCTV System, if cables were laid by third party.


23.   SATHYA will not accept any responsibility what so ever if the above is not adhered by the client.


24.   Customer Support:


Online Support:


You can submit your queries through support portal as tickets and you will be provided with a unique request number, and we ensure that each request is attended on time. You can raise your tickets 24 x 7 at We are available between 10 A.M and 6 P.M in all business days (Mon - Sat).


*Our average response time is less than 30 minutes within business hours.


Voice Support:


Concentric experts are available to answer your call. To talk to our Technical Representatives, please dial +91 9952 300 300 between 10 A.M and 6 P.M in all business days (Mon - Sat), we are available to answer all your queries, regarding our products and services.