Template for Transaction route

Template for Transaction route

Transaction SMS


As per TRAI regulations, Transaction SMS should be sent only to subscribers who have opted for the particular service. In order to send transaction SMS, the sender should have the proof signed by the subscriber. The subscriber has to agree for receiving such transaction SMS.           


To enforce this, we have implemented template method for sending SMS. The sender can submit the message format to us. We will approve the format based on the content and once the format is approved, it takes 3 days to validate the message format. The sender can start sending SMS once the format is approved.


For transaction route of every user account, we are offering maximum of 10 templates at no additional cost. Each additional template cost ₹100.


Kindly mail your template to support@sathyainfo.com with your login email, sender id (6 char), message and industry type.



Login ID: abc@yourmail.com 


Message: This is the message to be sent

Industry: Retail


Template Sample


Sample 1:

Dear <<Customer>>,

Thank you for your purchase. For any queries call our customer care @ 98000-12345. 


# Here <<Customer>> is a variable which can be any name.


Sample 2:

Dear Parent,

The progress report for your son <<Student>> is given.

Kindly sign and send it back.

# Here <<Student>> is a variable which can be any name.