Choosing a domain name

Features of a good domain name 

A good domain name should be relatively short, impressive ,relate to your core business name, reach target audience and easy to spell and creates no confusions.

Relatively short :  It is easy to fit into logos, makes a better brand, easily recognizable, hard to misspell. Long domain names don't fit in forms, on billboards, or in Google PPC ads. Keep them relatively short.

Impressive: Generic names such as,  and unique names like,, helps to retain in minds ever.

Reach out Target Audience: It is wise to choose domain name as .com that is widely used across the globe.You can also buy other domain names like .net, .org, .in, .biz, .info, .tv. Ensure your domain name appeals to audiences of all classes.

Relating to your business :It is good if your domain name matches with your business name. If taken already by someone doesn’t mean you have to give up. Try a modifier that attribute uniqueness and emotion to your company name .
 Example : A 
 frozen yogurt franchise can be named as

Spell and pronounce easy 
: Ensure that your domain name spells and pronounce easy. For ex: Choosing a domain name “Speesees”, you have to tell people how to spell it because it isn’t spelled how people hear it. Every time doing this, you are essentially apologizing for your name. Misspelt names would not pave way for successful business.

No Confusions: Pay attention that your domain name  don’t confuse your customers. People don’t like things they aren’t familiar withIf you invent a new brand name (e.g. Xobni, Cuel, Chyngle), you will forever have to tell people what it means (and how to spell and pronounce it). Avoid  domain  names like that sounds strange.