Can I have multiple Sender-ID for a CuteSMS - Transactional Route User Account? If so what was the limit?

TRAI has announced its new rule on Sender ID / Mask for all Transactional Routes. Anyone using Transactional Route like Banks, Schools, Colleges, Stock or Share Market, etc. will now have to compulsorily use 6 characters Alphabetic Sender-ID without any numeric. For example, earlier if Citibank used to send SMS with Sender-ID as “CITI”, now they have to use 6 characters Sender-ID as “CITIBA” or whatever it may desire. But this needs to be implemented by all SMS Aggregators or SMS Providers.
All Transactional Route Clients needs to apply for a new alphabetic Sender-ID, else the SMS won’t get delivered. Customers are been allowed to have only one Sender-ID for a CuteSMS - Transactional Route User Account. However, if the client would like to change the existing Sender-ID / add multiple Sender-ID, then charges of Rs.250/- + 18% Service Tax for each Sender-ID need to claimed from client.
Info: Please also note that no special characters allowed such as “Hyphen (-)”, “Underscore (_)”, “Dot (.)”, “Comma (,)”, “ampersand (&)” etc.