How to disable Automatic App Updates on Android?

Having automatic app updates is a smart and convenient way to keep your device up-to-date with the latest and greatest. Not to mention there’s no need for user interaction. The only problem is not everyone wants their apps to be updated automatically, especially if you’re on a smaller mobile data plan. That and general updates can often change the entire experience of an app.
As a result, Google’s added an option to enable or disable the automatic app updates on the Google Play Store, as well as an option to only update if the user is on a WiFi connection to save their precious mobile data from a carrier like Airtel or Aircel. By default, auto updates are enabled. You can stop apps being auto updating in the following way.
1. Go to Google Play Store app
2. Click the menu button (or the 3 dots in the upper corner if you have on-screen keys) and click Settings
3. Select Auto-update apps under General
4. Choose the option Do-not auto update apps