User Manual for GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N

GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N is our star product, which is multi-functional, with specifications of internal battery, Geo-fence alarm, shut-off engine and oil, SOS alarm, voice monitoring.
The brief details about each modules in GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N and it's functionality is available in it's User Manual, which can be downloaded from the following hyperlink.
Main functions
1. Tele-cut off (Petrol/Electricity) function
In case the vehicle is stolen, the users can send command from the platform to cut off the Petrol/Electricity to stop the vehicle from moving.
2. Geo-fence function
It is unnecessary to worry about your car being stolen and cannot being back, because when your car is moved out of the Geo-fence the alarm will start and you can track your car through the platforms.
3. SOS alarm
You can alert your alarm in the case of your being robbed or other dangerous ones.
4. Voice monitoring
When the special number cell phone dial device, ringing for 10 seconds, it will enter voice monitoring status. At this time, caller can monitoring the sound in vehicle. Incoming call from non special number will not activate voice monitoring function.
5. Over speed alarm
When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period, then the device will send over speed alarm SMS to user. 
Feature List
  GSM Quad-band
  GPS + GSM + GPRS wireless network
  High sensitive GPS chipset
  Real-time tracking
  Built-in GSM & GPS antenna
  Built-in ON / OFF power, wide voltage input range
  Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm
  Support ACC detection, real-time reporting car status
  Low battery alarm
  Tele-cut off (petrol / electricity) function
  SOS alarm
  Voice monitor
  Built-in CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically
  Three LED indicators: GPS - Blue; GSM - Green; Power - Red
  Check location via platform
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