How to create new contact?

How to add a contact?

  • Click on “Contacts in the main menu.
  • In the Contacts menu, click on the “Add Contacts sub-menu.
  • Within the "Add Contacts" section, enter the contact's name and their mobile number in the provided text boxes.
  • After entering the contact information, click on the "Save" button to store the contact details.
  • Upon successful saving, a message “contact added successfully” will be displayed on the screen confirming that the contact has been added successfully. 
  • Users can repeat these steps as needed to add multiple contacts.

How to manage contact?

  • Click on “Manage Contact” sub-menu within the Contacts menu.
  • A list of contacts associated with your account will be displayed.
  • You can edit or delete your contact(s) by clicking on the respective ”Edit or “Delete option next to each contact entry.
  • For editing groups, follow the same procedure used for adding contacts.
  • If you want to view contacts according to a specific group, click on the arrow in the group section. Choose the desired group from the list, then click the "Display" button. Contacts belonging to the selected group will be displayed.