Configure SmarterMail Chat on Android mobile phone

SmarterMail's chat feature allows users on the domain to chat with each another, instantly and securely, right within the webmail interface or by using most third-party chat clients that support the XMPP (Jabber) protocol.
Please follow the steps below to configure SmarterMail Chat on Android mobile phone.


1. Open IM+ app from your phone.


2. Click the lightbulb icon (Jabber) to add an XMPP connection under the Accounts tab.


3. Use the image as an example fill out the requested information to configure Jabber with your chat client.


• Login: Enter your SmarterMail username. For example,
• Password: Enter the password used to log in to SmarterMail.
• Host: Enter your SmarterMail Server address: (Substitute your domain name
   for "").
• Port: Enter the port number 5222.
• Resource: enter a word that is unique for all of your other clients. For example, IM+ Android.
• Select the Autoconnect on startup checkbox.


4. Click Save and Connect.