Basic GPS troubleshooting for GPS Vehicle Tracker GT02, TR02 and GT06N

1. If GPS can not receive the signals normally, please drive to the open areas for positioning. Generally, it
    needs 1-2 minutes to receive the first coordinates. If the data can not be received after 2-3 minutes,
    please check the installation position of the device, making sure it is not being shielded by any metal.


2. If GSM can not receive the signals normally, please check whether SIM card is installed correctly or there is no

    GSM signal at the location you are, such as a basement parking, please drive to a place covered by GSM signal



3. If the red LED does not work when power is connected, please check whether the fuse is blown. If so, please

   replace the fuse.


4. If the three LEDs do not turn on when power up, press the down side key, if the three LEDs recover normally, the

    device is working normally.


5. If you have enabled the web based tracking application, and the GT02 displays off-line on the platform, please

    check 3 LEDs status indicators first. You can check the status of the SIM card when you are in an inconvenient

    situation. Please refer to the following steps:


▪ Call the SIM card number of the device to check whether you can get through.

▪ Check whether the SIM card supports GPRS and a local APN.

▪ Check the GSM/GPS reception area.

▪ Check whether your SIM card charge is overdue.

▪ Check if the connector and device is loose or the fuse has blown out