How to connect SmarterMail chat to Trillian?

SmarterMail now has a built in chat. This can be used by all users of the same domain to keep all communication internal. Any chat client that support this protocol can be used with SmarterMail.


Follow these steps to connect SmarterMail chat to Trillian:


1. Open Trillian.

2. Click the Trillian Preferences menu.


3. Click Add a New Account and select Jabber/XMPP.


4. Enter your SmarterMail username and password.

5. Click Settings.


6. Change the hostname information to your server name, such as (Substitute your

    domain name for "")

7. Click "Override default resource name with" and enter a word that is unique for all of your other clients

8. Click Back.


9. Click Connect.


10. Close the Trillian preferences window.