Forward Multiple Emails in One Message

Forward Multiple Emails in One Message

On occasion, users may want to forward multiple messages to a contact. Instead of forwarding each message individually, SmarterMail allows users to forward multiple messages at once as attachments to a single message.


Follow these steps to forward multiple emails at once:


1. Log into SmarterMail as a user.

2. Click the Email icon.

3. In the navigation pane, click the folder containing the messages you wish to forward. The messages in the folder will load in the content pane.

4. Select the desired messages.

5. Click the Actions menu in the content pane toolbar and then click Forward. This will open a new message window that you will use to compose a message to the desired recipients. The messages that you want to forward will be attached as .eml files to the new message.

6. Compose the message and click Send.