How to use SmarterMail's Spell Check Feature?

How to use SmarterMail's Spell Check Feature?

Some browsers such as Google Chrome have a built-in spell check feature. For users of other browsers, SmarterMail includes an integrated spell check feature that may be utilized when composing messages.


Follow these steps to use the spell check feature in SmarterMail:


1. Log in to the SmarterMail webmail interface.

2. Click the Email icon. Depending on your settings, the Inbox or My Today Page will load.

3. Click the New menu in the content pane toolbar and click New Message.

4. A new message window will open, which you will use to compose the email message. When you are finished writing the email, click the spell check icon (ABC with a check-mark) in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) toolbar.