Types of Messages

Cute SMS is the way for sending message to any mobile number.

         You can send two types of Messages 
 1.Transactional Messages
                         2.Promotional Messages

Transactional messages:


                      Information sent by any organizations like banks, educational institution, transport company etc., regarding their services ,offerings to its customer defines transactional messages.

          Sender id is necessary for this type of messages. For new user it will be WEB SMS. The user can change this sender id by contacting admin.The transactional message cannot be sent to NPCR filter number. It can be sent as bulk messages. 

Promotional messages :

             Information sent to any mobile number regarding advertisements about any products or  any messages to promote their business defines promotional messages.

           Sender id is not necessary for this type of messages. It cannot be send in bulk. It can be sent to NPCR filter number also.