Change the size of the map and text in Smarterping

Zoom in to the map to see roads and landscapes better. You can also make the map easier to see and read by making the map and text bigger.


Zoom in and out of the map


Zoom just within the map without changing text size. Use the + (zoom in) and - (zoom out) buttons in the top left corner of the map. You can also double click to zoom in, or use your mouse scroll or trackpad to zoom in and out.


Change the map and text size


You can make the text and map larger or smaller.


1. Sign in to your Smarterping account.

2. Press the following keys:

   ▪ Mac OS: Press +  to make it bigger or + to make it smaller.

   ▪ Windows: Press CTRL+  to make it bigger or CTRL + to make it smaller.